Yoomoney SMS Receive: Everything You Need to Know

Yoomoney SMS Receive

Learn everything about receiving payments by SMS to your Yoomoney e-wallet. How Yoomoney SMS Receive payments work, benefits, transaction limits, supported currencies, notifications, and security.

Yoomoney SMS receives allows you to easily receive payments straight to your Yoomoney wallet using just your phone number. With the rise of mobile payments and e-wallets, Yoomoney SMS Receive provides a convenient way to get paid without sharing sensitive financial information. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all the key things you need to know about receiving payments by SMS to Yoomoney.

How Yoomoney SMS Receive Works

The Yoomoney SMS receive service ties your Yoomoney wallet to your mobile phone number. When someone sends money to your number, Yoomoney identifies the associated wallet and instantly credits the payment.

To start receiving payments by SMS to Yoomoney, you simply need to:

  • Sign up for a Yoomoney wallet on their website or in their mobile app. This links your phone number to your Yoomoney account.
  • Share your phone number with the person paying you. They enter the number when sending their payment through Yoomoney.
  • Receive an SMS notifying you of the incoming payment to your mobile number. Yoomoney automatically deposits the money in your wallet.

The process is straightforward for both parties with no extra steps needed. The convenience makes Yoomoney SMS ideal for personal transfers, online sellers, and small businesses.

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Advantages of Getting Paid by SMS to Yoomoney

Compared to traditional methods, receiving payments by SMS to Yoomoney offers these key benefits:

  • No need to share bank details – Your phone number is the only information required to get paid. Keeping your financial details private improves security.
  • Instant availability of funds – Money received by Yoomoney SMS is credited to your wallet immediately in real-time. No waiting days for bank transfers.
  • Low fees – Yoomoney charges minimal fees for SMS payments, starting from 1% per transaction. Much less than typical credit card merchant fees.
  • Accessibility – The only requirement is a phone number. No hardware terminals or complicated settings are needed.
  • Convenience – The seamless automated process makes receiving payments extremely quick and hassle-free.

For personal and small business use cases, Yoomoney SMS ticks all the boxes for an easy and affordable way to get paid.

Yoomoney SMS Receive

Receiving Payments Internationally with Yoomoney

A major benefit of Yoomoney is the ability to receive cross-border SMS payments cheaply. Whether from a friend abroad or an international client, here’s how getting paid internationally to your Yoomoney wallet works:

  • Your unique Yoomoney wallet address is tied to your phone number and works globally.
  • The sender pays to your phone number through the Yoomoney website or app in their country.
  • Yoomoney converts the currency at competitive rates and credits the Russian ruble amount to your wallet.
  • You receive an SMS notification when the money is received.

Currency conversion fees start from 1% with no hidden charges. Much lower than typical bank international transfer fees. This makes Yoomoney SMS remarkably affordable for accepting international payments.

Transaction Limits for Yoomoney SMS Payments

Yoomoney has the following sent and receive limits in place per transaction for SMS payments:

  • Maximum amount per SMS receive – 600,000 rubles
  • Maximum daily total for received SMS payments – 600,000 rubles
  • Minimum received amount per SMS – 1 ruble

These limits allow you to receive substantial payments while also minimizing fraud risks. For amounts above 600,000 rubles, a standard Yoomoney wallet transfer or other method would be recommended.

The low 1 ruble minimum means Yoomoney SMS receives works for micro-payments too.

Yoomoney SMS Receive

Supported Payment Currencies

Yoomoney gives senders the option to pay in a range of currencies that you can receive converted to rubles in your wallet:

  • Russian Rubles – The default currency of your Yoomoney wallet.
  • US Dollars
  • Euros
  • British Pounds
  • Chinese Yuan
  • Ukrainian Hryvnias
  • Kazakhstani Tenge

This covers many of the most widely used global currencies. Enabling seamless SMS payments from international clients and partners.

Receiving SMS Notifications from Yoomoney

To notify you of incoming payments and account activity, Yoomoney sends automated SMS text messages to your registered mobile number.

The SMS notifications you may receive include:

  • Incoming payment received alerts
  • Balance low warnings when your wallet balance drops below a threshold
  • Confirmation messages for actions like changing account settings
  • Promotional messages about new Yoomoney features

These notifications keep you up to date on your account activity wherever you are. You can turn off promotional messages in your account settings if desired.

Security Features for Yoomoney SMS Payments

Yoomoney uses the following measures to keep your account and SMS payments safe:

  • Encrypted connections for all transactions
  • SMS payment confirmation codes to verify transactions
  • Optional two-factor authentication for account logins
  • Activity notifications to monitor account usage
  • Limits on SMS payment amounts
  • Ability to block receiving payments from specified phone numbers

With these security layers in place, you can feel confident receiving payments directly to your mobile phone number.

Bottom Line

Receiving money instantly to your Yoomoney wallet via SMS is fast, affordable, and secure. With minimal setup required, it’s straightforward to get started with Yoomoney SMS received for personal transfers or collecting payments for online businesses. SMS money receiving eliminates the hassle of dealing with bank details and enables seamless international payments. Yoomoney’s competitive currency exchange rates and low fees provide great value when getting paid through text messages.

People Usually Ask

What countries can send payments to my Yoomoney wallet by SMS?

Yoomoney is available globally, so you can receive SMS payments to your wallet from senders in most countries. As long as the sender has your phone number, they can pay to your Yoomoney account from anywhere in the world.

Do I need a Yoomoney debit card to withdraw received SMS payments?

No, a Yoomoney debit card is not required. You can transfer funds received by SMS to a linked bank card or account. Withdrawals to external cards and accounts are free for amounts up to 140,000 rubles per month.

What happens if I change my phone number linked to my Yoomoney account?

If you change your phone number, you need to update it in your Yoomoney account profile. Payments sent to your old number will no longer be credited. Update your phone number so senders can continue paying your new number for uninterrupted sms receive.